Mobile usage has escalated enormously in the past few years. It has surpassed desktop searches in 2015 and is still growing. And it’s not just mobile, people are accessing the web via Tablets, Netbooks and even smart TVs. Overall it’s safe to say that the way people accessed the web has changed completely.

But it took some time for the marketers to pick up the change. On one hand, we had mesmerizing desktop websites, on the other hand, there were slow loading websites with a lot of bloated images for mobiles and tablet users, just opposite to what they expect.

In this difficult time, responsive websites came to marketer’s rescue. However, it’s not a magical tool that will boost conversion rate on its own. You have to pay attention to even the minutest details and make sure there are no issues.

We are sharing the top 4 common mistakes that marketers make and how to avoid them.

1. Bloated images

It’s crucial to keep in mind that responsive website makes use of a single markup for all devices. So to ensure that you are sending the right image to the right device, use following tricks.

  • Run images though ImageMagick for an optimal size.
  • Maintain high depth even after reducing the image size by using Lossy Compression.
  • Use multiple servers to render images.

2. Slow load page time

Mobile and tablet users are always on the go, so if your page load time is slow, you are losing on a lot of prospects. According to a recent research, more than 40% of the visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Mobile users command a seamless web suffering, and fast loading pages are a big part of it. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to analyze your site’s performance. It provides you with valuable information using which you can boost the speed of your website.

3. Long forms

Long forms? Ain’t nobody got time for that. If a site visitor is on your contact page, it means he is HIGHLY interested, losing him at this point is like losing a definite sale. The best way to compel the visitors to fill your form is to keep it short and simple. Don’t ask for too much information at once. First get basic info like Name, Phone number, and Email address — you can ask for more information later. A good case in point is Expedia. Little did anyone knew that a small mistake, like placing a long form will cost them a whopping 12 million dollars. Don’t make that mistake. Keep it short and simple, you will get much more leads.

4. Not taking mobile users intent into consideration

Responsive design doesn’t take mobile users goal into consideration. So you have to pay attention to it, Make sure that your mobile site is easy to navigate, especially for the dudes with big, fat fingers. Also, cramping a lot of content will do more harm than good. You are distracting the users from taking an action by putting long titles and a lot of text on the screen. Also, make sure that your site design is neat and clean. So that users can get wherever they want in no time.

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Top features of our Google Mobile Friendly Website:

  • Responsive website recognized by Google as mobile friendly.
  • Click-to-Call, Click-to-Email and Click-to-Text features.
  • Advanced mobile lead tracking and analytics.


Google rolled out it’s “booking feature” for selected businesses back in December 2016. Back then, it was only available for only spa and salon owners, and in selected cities. But now they have expanded it and more business owners can now allow their customers to book appointments directly from the search result. Here’s the official statement from Google – https://www.blog.google/topics/small-business/easy-booking-button-businesses-google/

All you have to do is to login into your Google My business Console. When logged in, you will see a new button “SIGN UP FOR BOOKINGS” within in the “Accept bookings on Google” section.

The next step is to select a booking provider. You can enroll with a scheduling provider from Google’s list here. Once you’ve enrolled, your business will be ready to accept bookings in few days.

Once the integration is successful, you will be able to see how well your business is doing. You can track the number of bookings as well as how much money you’ve made from these

Google says it will be adding the booking option in other countries and business categories soon – so stay tuned!


Google’s paramount goal is to provide the users with most relevant search results. Today 1 in 5 searches on Google is related to location, so providing locally relevant search results is of utmost priority. Till now the country of service was indicated by the country code top-level domain name (ccTLD). For example “google.co.uk” for United Kingdom. But from now on, Google will determine the country of service based on your location. If you’re in UK, even manually typing “google.com” and searching something will not fetch you results from USA, instead it will show results based on your current location, i.e. UK.

However, Google has cleared that they have just changed the way they labeled Google search results and maps, and not the way it works.

In case your country of service doesn’t change as per the location, you can update it by going into the Settings > Search Settings in the footer and then navigate to Region Settings.

From the Google Search Blog:

So if you live in Australia, you’ll automatically receive the country service for Australia, but when you travel to New Zealand, your results will switch automatically to the country service for New Zealand. Upon return to Australia, you will seamlessly revert back to the Australian country service.

Google is hopeful that this update will ensure that the users will get the most relevant search results, and will ultimately improve the overall search experience.


Instagram has introduced a new feature, which will allow you to add a poll question to your Instagram story, with two answer options. Your followers viewing the post can answer your poll, by selecting one of the two given options.

How To Use Instagram Poll Sticker

To add an Instagram Poll sticker to your story, upload your post, then click the sticker icon on the top right and select the sticker saying Poll. Put your question with two answer options and post it. When you swipe up, you will see who all have participated in the poll and what is their response. Even you can see the percentage breakdown.

The Instagram Poll sticker can be beneficial to promote your business/brand, here are few ways you can utilize it for your business.

Interact With Your Viewers

With Instagram Poll sticker you can interact with your followers over any Instagram story, you can ask any question with an option of “Yes” or “No”, also you can ask brand-related questions to know your viewer’s opinion and understand them better. For example, a restaurant can post a poll for two of their famous dishes and ask the audience, which is one is their favorite.

Get Your Audience’s Insight

You can make use of this feature to know what your audiences prefer and gain more information about their choice and preferences. Knowing your audience’s preference, you will be able to serve them better. For example, if you are creating an online course you can ask the audience what would they prefer? “Written Course” or “Video Course”, so you can make the course as per their choice.

Include Your Audience In Choices

Through the medium of the Instagram Poll sticker, you can interact with your audience and ask them to choose their favorite, this way you showing them their choices matter you. For e.g., give them two options for the upcoming flavor of the month or ask them to select the new packaging style for your product.

Bring Something New To A Hashtag Campaign, Event Coverage or Location

Just like we interact via live tweeting during events and hashtag campaigns, the Instagram Poll offers you the same opportunity. You can combine a poll sticker with hashtag sticker, or put hashtag to the caption and start an interaction with the audience. Even you can combine the poll sticker with a location sticker for local exposure.

Combine It With “Swipe Up” Link

You can combine your Instagram Poll sticker with the “Swipe Up” post, or add a poll after the “See More” link. The “Swipe Up” link is accessible only when your account has over 10,000 followers.